Milestone: I’m A Mother F*cking Pterodactyl, Mommy!

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Izabela is getting older, as babies do, and so the other day she was being silly while we were playing around on the couch.  She was in one of her “I don’t feel like sleeping so now you have to entertain me even though I cannot stand up, sit up, or do anything by myself yet” moods.  Those are cute moods but they definitely wear my arms out quickly.  So there she is “standing on my lap” and testing out her thigh muscles by bouncing around.  I’m making faces at her, she’s making faces at me, it was totally good times.  I realized that it had been a bit since we changed her diaper, so I took her into her room to change her. She loves this changing table that her dad made for her.  When she is in tiny baby meltdown mode we can bring her into her bedroom, lay her on this table, and she is pretty much guaranteed to change her attitude completely back to happy baby mode.  So I lay her on her table and she gets her goofy smile on her face.  Her little arms and legs start kicking around because she thinks it’s funnyRead more …

Round Two: 6 Week Growth Spurt

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Do you remember this post?  The post that talked about how our daughter broke around two weeks old and I had to visit Dr. Google to figure out what the hell had happened?  Do you remember how I said that round two would be coming in a few weeks?  Yeah? It’s been a few weeks.  *yaaawn* With this 6 week old growth spurt, it came around at the same time that other annoying crap was happening in all of our lives, so we didn’t catch it at first.  I’m pretty sure that we’re currently on day 5 of the growth spurt, and seemingly the last day of it, but who really knows?  It’s been hot as balls in Oklahoma lately and our shotty air conditioner can’t keep up with the improperly insulated 40+ year old house that we rent, therefore that means when it’s 95+ degrees outside, it’s 85 degrees in the house.  Yep.  6 week old babies (technically 7 weeks old today) love that crap, which then means that mommies and daddies stress levels are also really high because they’re also hot and miserable.  So the 6 week growth spurt started within this hotness hell, which means we reallyRead more …

Random Happening Of The Day

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Apparently if I want to scare the shit out of my daughter and then put her to sleep, I need to do these things in this order. 1. Bring her into the kitchen with me while I’m making laundry detergent and not prepare her for the blender to turn on and crush up the Fels-Naptha.  That was the first time I’ve ever heard her scared cry and it was super sad.  2. Carry her into all of the rooms of the house to gather random things that need to be laundered and put them in the master bedroom. 3. Turn the vacuum on and vacuum with her.  I guess she finds the sound of the vacuum soothing and falls asleep while it is on. Who would have thought?

Pregnancy Memories: Dancing In Utero

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  John does not believe this to be true, but I still hold the belief that Izabela’s first song that she ever danced to (in my uterus, to be fair) was Feelings by Maroon 5.  I love Maroon 5 and when I have somewhere to go I love to jam out to them in my car. So one day I was heading home from the grocery store (I was around eight months pregnant) and I had my typical lineup of Maroon 5 songs playing and this song came on.  I also love to sing, so when this song came on I started rocking out and singing along to the lyrics, as you do with Maroon 5 because… come on… how can you not with something so catchy?  This was not the first time I had played this song during the pregnancy, so I believe that Izabela could remember the vibrations and sounds of this song when it came on.  So there I am singing along and when the “ah ahh ah ah” part of the song came on during the chorus, she started wiggling up a storm and kicking to the beat! I thought for sure this was a coincidence because sheRead more …

The Great Poop Explosion Of 2015

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So yesterday was a long day in the life of mommyhood for me.  John had a really long day at work trying to finish up the work on an exterior that he was painting for a client, so it was Izabela and I all day long.  That’s normally not a big deal and we have done it several times already, but yesterday was a bit different for this small baby.  She was having a little baby meltdown all day long and all she wanted to do was eat.  I couldn’t really decide if it was a growth spurt starting that was making her want to eat all day, or if her intestines were bugging her so much that she was just comfort eating (which ultimately was probably making it worse for her in the long run).  We were up around 8am and the little baby didn’t take her first real nap until 3pm.  She’s a month old and month old babies usually can’t make it much longer than 2 hours before they need to take a nap again.  She was awake for 7 hours and she was mad.  Very mad. I spent the first part of the morning nursing her,Read more …

Pregnancy Memories: Glucose Test

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I was overweight when I got pregnant with Izabela, which meant that I was overweight throughout my whole pregnancy.  My goal was to be as healthy as I could be to make sure that I didn’t put on too much weight that could be detrimental to the development of our daughter, and then additionally be too detrimental to my health as well.  I had started losing weight, slowly, before I got pregnant, but once those little lines popped up showing me that I was pregnant than I had to change my whole diet plan around. Why am I talking about my weight if this post is meant to be about a glucose test?  Well for a couple of reasons.  When you’re overweight and you’re pregnant, the world automatically views you differently.  Any medical tests that you have to go through you’ll probably fail because you’re unhealthy.  Any time you explain that you’re eating healthy and you’re getting a little bit of exercise when you can is met with a skeptical look that you’re probably just making that up because if you weren’t than you probably wouldn’t be overweight.  Life in general is immediately more judgmental, even if the intention of anyoneRead more …

Learning Experience: Where Did The Poop Go?

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So here is to another learning experience that we’ve come across in this whole parenting lifestyle we have taken on.  Poop.  Poop stops abruptly for babies and that is something that we were not aware of.  After almost four weeks of baby poop three or four times a day it all suddenly stopped and when things all of a sudden change with your tiny little newborn it can be a little bit stressful.  With Izabela it stopped after her final poopy diapey change on June 30th.  Once July 1st rolled around the normal morning time poopy diaper was only showing about a quarter sized poopy spot… which seemed weird to us.  I watched her diapers throughout the day to see if she would have a bigger amount later, but nothing happened!  Naturally, as referenced in my two week growth spurt entry, off to browse information provided by Dr. Google to see if we needed to be worried. It’s amazing how many opinions you can get from the internet about what is wrong with your baby.  I’m not a hypochondriac, so luckily I’m capable of feeling comfortable with believing the least of all concerns is the first thing to go with! Read more …

Learning Experience: 2 Week Old Growth Spurt

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One of the things that John and I are quickly learning about being brand new parents is that you are not told about tiny little things that will happen with your baby that are normal.  I believe that is referred to as “wishing there were a childcare manual,” or something like that, and to an extent that is kind of true for us.  I wish that when we had left the hospital they would have said, “Alright, expect these things to happen over the next few months.”  It would have at least given us some sort of idea of what to anticipate was going to be happening to this little baby.  Instead we were given our discharge information and sent home with our little sweetpea, and while we are totally fine we are learning as we go.  I guess it kind of makes it all the more special when you research and figure out what’s happening to your baby on your own, but until you know for sure it can be fairly stressful trying to differentiate grunts, cries, wiggles, and other clues your baby is giving you.   See that furrowed brow?  That’s my furrowed brow.  She got that fromRead more …