The baby… she is growing!

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Sometimes I get days in a row where I can pop one post out after another.  Then all of a sudden life happens and I go missing.  Life is happening currently and so it’s harder to pop out long, great posts, but I’ll be back as soon as possible!  Izabela will be three months old this Saturday and she is still teething away!  She slept for 8 hours straight for the first time last night, so hopefully that means that we’re coming to a calmer, happier time soon!  I’ll be back with more baby updates and more product reviews soon!

Learning Experience: 2 Month Regression & Breastfeeding Real Talk

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When you Google “what the hell happened to my 2 month old to make them stop sleeping well” you’ll find that apparently every two month old in the world runs across this problem, but all of the websites that are supposed to help you make sense of things don’t talk about it.  It is almost like a cruel joke that the world thinks that if they hide from new, first-time moms that it’ll either go away or be amusing to watch.  It’s not funny.  It’s actually exhausting and confusing. Now mix that with a two month old who has decided that her life should happen 20 steps ahead of the rest of the babies her age (she’s teething way too early) and you have frustrated, sad, and empathetic first-time parents, and a baby that… well… is hard sometimes. The internet talks about the 4 month regression, but all of the online forums on parenting boards show that when most babies hit 2 months they have their own type of sleep regression.  I’m assuming why the world thinks it’s funny to not talk to first-time parents about this is because at 6-10 weeks old they’re still so brand new that theirRead more …

Product Review: The First Years Nipple Butter

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  You might remember from my unnecessarily stressful breastfeeding experience that I had mentioned being offered lanolin for my nipples and the pain I was experiencing.  Before Izabela was born John’s mom took me shopping to get the rest of the stuff that was on our hospital bag list and nipple butter was one of the things we picked up.  For some reason my brain hadn’t made the connection that nipple butter was the same thing as the lanolin cream I was given in the hospital, and for some reason my brain also completely forgot that we had packed the nipple butter. I think subconsciously I felt like I wasn’t allowed to use anything that I had brought with me, for some reason.  No one gave me that impression or made me feel as though I couldn’t use what I had brought with me, but I just didn’t.  Plus, to be honest, I don’t really think that I even made the connection that the nipple butter was meant to be used during breastfeeding.  It just seemed like a thick lotion to me. At the hospital I was handed a couple of sample tubes of Medela Tender Care Lanolin and so I startedRead more …

Vaccines Were Rough For Everyone, Especially Izabela

  Vaccines have never been something that John and I have ever questioned whether or not we would do for Izabela.  Especially these days with it being such a hot button topic in this country, we felt it was ever more important to make sure to provide Izabela with the safest introduction to the outside world as we could.  With most things that are controversial I can see both sides of the argument and generally understand where everyone is coming from.  Vaccinating children, along with marriage equality, women’s rights, and overcoming racism, are some of my personal hot button topics that I have one stance on and cannot understand the other side’s views.  So we knew immediately that Izabela would get her vaccinations. On August 5, 2015 she turned 2 months old!  We had her 2 month check up to make sure that she was following her curve well, and she was!  Mostly though, she was there for her first round of vaccinations!  I knew that it was going to be rough to witness, but we’ve never gone through it before so I wasn’t completely sure what to expect! Izabela had already been having a frustrating time because she hatesRead more …

Product Review: Baby Ddrops

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  Little known fact about exclusively breastfed babies, they need help with their vitamin D supplements.  During Izabela’s first checkup a couple of days after she was born, our pediatrician asked us if we were giving her any vitamin D supplements.  She hadn’t been showing any signs of having any issues at all and being first-time parents this was not something that we were aware of being a concern.  I told Dr. Vardey that we were not and so she let me know that breastfed babies only get 10% of the vitamin D from their moms that they need for the day.  Usually, if you don’t live in the Midwest, as we do, you could just take your baby outside for 10 minutes and let her breath in some cool, refreshing air while the sun soaks into her skin for a little bit.  In Oklahoma, in the middle of the summer, taking a baby outside is like putting her in the oven and walking away.  It’s disgusting.  So since we were unable to help Izabela along with her vitamin D needs with some extra sun daily, we were told we should consider vitamin D supplements so that we don’t runRead more …

Learning Experience: The Night Our Daughter Turned Into A Gremlin

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When you think of a baby teething, more often than not you probably see a tiny little thing that can sit up on its own, interact with you on most levels, and maybe even be able to say a couple of words, right?  Yeah, me too.  Turns out our little tiny ray of frickin’ sunshine (that sounds more aggressive than it needs to be because obviously it isn’t her fault), at two months old, has started teething.  Yeah, that look on your face… that was on ours too. So with that lead in, here is the story. A few days ago Izabela started completely changing her sleeping patterns.  She was almost two months old and I know that I had been being told that babies usually get a decent pattern, but it can change at any given time.  Izabela’s sleeping patterns started to revert.  Revert as in going backwards.  She had been easily being put to be around 9ish and then she’d stay asleep until around 2am.  Then I’d do the diaper change, feeding, and putting back to bed again.  She’d then stay asleep until around 5am and we’d either be able to quickly fall asleep again until about 7amRead more …

My Unnecessary Hospital Breastfeeding Drama

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Breastfeeding has been a really interesting and amazing journey so far for Izabela and me.  Apparently, from what I’m learning, women seem to struggle significantly with breastfeeding their babies and we haven’t had that problem at all.  I honestly thought that all women that chose to breastfeed just sort of did it.  No questions asked, baby is born and starts to eat, bing bang boom.  This is wrong, I guess.  So here is my story about the time that a nurse thought she was being helpful the day after Izabela was born, but instead wound up creating a big problem that resulted in me sitting on the hospital bed and crying with a blood blister right above my nipple. As you all have read (right?), my labor was super interesting, painful, amazing, and a lot faster than we had planned.  Twelve hours after it started, it was over and there was this new, tiny little human being laying on my chest.  The nurses that were in labor and delivery with us had told me just to let her lay there for a while and within five to ten minutes we’d bring her to my nipple and see what happens.  EvenRead more …

Growing Up With The Bear – 2 Months

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Yesterday we hit two months old! That also means we’ve been exclusively breastfeeding for two months as well! Yay, Izabela! She’s had a 21.2% weight gain increase since last month (off of booby milk) and a 5.7% height/length gain increase since last month (off of booby milk)!   Her height is in the 83rd percentile and her weight is in the 23rd percentile and her pediatrician said she is gorgeous and that she is following her curve beautifully! <3 Also she had her very first vaccines (aside from the vitamin K and Hep A shots she had the day she was born) done yesterday as well so she is on her way to being a fully vaccinated little person! …. and I’m still working on that breastfeeding story and product reviews.  Eventually, if I can ever get a free arm again (hopefully when our first Boba wrap gets here in the mail tomorrow!) I’ll be able to do some more typing!

I’m not gone, I promise!

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Izabela went through a micro-growth spurt a couple of days ago for a few days and had been very clingy the whole time.  Every time I tried to write a post she needed me, and obviously she comes first.    I’m drafting an entry about my traumatic breast-feeding experience at the hospital (nothing of fault on Izabela’s or my own… we were fine from day one), but it’s a bit of a lengthy story so it’s taking a bit of time. I promise to have it up soon, as well as some reviews for some products that we’re using!  Hope everyone is well!

Milestone: I’m A Mother F*cking Pterodactyl, Mommy!

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Izabela is getting older, as babies do, and so the other day she was being silly while we were playing around on the couch.  She was in one of her “I don’t feel like sleeping so now you have to entertain me even though I cannot stand up, sit up, or do anything by myself yet” moods.  Those are cute moods but they definitely wear my arms out quickly.  So there she is “standing on my lap” and testing out her thigh muscles by bouncing around.  I’m making faces at her, she’s making faces at me, it was totally good times.  I realized that it had been a bit since we changed her diaper, so I took her into her room to change her. She loves this changing table that her dad made for her.  When she is in tiny baby meltdown mode we can bring her into her bedroom, lay her on this table, and she is pretty much guaranteed to change her attitude completely back to happy baby mode.  So I lay her on her table and she gets her goofy smile on her face.  Her little arms and legs start kicking around because she thinks it’s funnyRead more …