Caramelized Onion & Aioli Burgers



Hello!  I have been gone for… oh… over a month now!  It started as a break because my new job and my brain didn’t work well together and the schedule changes made me exhausted… constantly!  That lasted for about two weeks.  Then I just was not inspired by anything and so I just have been missing… BUT then Annie happened and she created this burger that I just had to try!  I didn’t really deviate too far from her directions, but I did change a couple of things, so once you’re done looking at my version, totally go look at her suggestions!  Her recipes are always amazing!  This burger was so tasty I want another right now, even though I’m stuffed and the idea of eating another one is making my stomach cry a little bit.


Meat shot.  This recipe is a three step process.  This step is for the combination of the hamburger meat.  I cooked my burgers on low, medium/low so that I had a bit longer to get everything else together and to make sure I didn’t burn them.


Yummy!  I learned from John awhile ago that if you make large patties they cook into perfect circular sized bun patties.


The start of the “red onion jam” that Annie mentioned in her recipe.


Basil from my garden!  Isn’t it pretty?!


Caramelize though onions, baby.







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