Refrigerator Magnets

I had a really hard time, for some reason, finding magnets to hang on our fridge.  Like a really hard time and I’m not sure why.  I couldn’t even find the silly little alphabet magnets either and I just wanted something decorative to hang my Michael’s and Joann’s coupons with on the fridge!  I was able to find those tiny little magnet dots but I couldn’t find anything pretty.  Soo… I decided to make my own!  My own that would fit our lifestyle and my liking!

091512diymagnets6withtextHere is how I did it.  It took about 3 seconds.  The only thing I would have changed is I would have added spray adhesive to the magnet before sticking it to the block to make sure that they never disconnected!

091512diymagnets1Get some magnets and get some decorative blocks that you would like to hang on your refrigerator!

091512diymagnets2Take the blocks out and arrange them decoratively on the table and take a picture.  There is no real reason for this but it’s fun.  :)

091512diymagnets3Pull out the magnets you need and pull the paper off of the sticky side.  At this point I’d recommend some spray glue added to the sticky side, or some super glue, or some additional adhesion.

091512diymagnets4Stick the magnet to the blocks.

091512diymagnets5BOOM!  Magnets.  Easy peasy.

091512diymagnets6See?  So go do it!  Why would you not?  Get creative with it!  Make it a family project!  Have fun with it!









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